Yasamin Saffaran Yasamin Saffaran


Yasamin Saffaran born in 1958 in Tehran was first acquainted with scratch work on plaster in England and worked on this field for 6 years. Believing that designing and painting on plaster could have a brighter and more durable effect, she has chosen copper as the base of her works, due to its genuineness, stability and antiquity.

She is one of the contemporary artists who are interested in the history of their country so with reference to the past are to find their roots and identity. With a careful look at the surrounding nature and the historical monuments she has scratched all the things that she has found suitable on copper sheets covered with black color.

She has been working in this field of Fine Art for 30 years and during this period of time has participated in many Individual and Group Exhibitions.

Exhibitions :

1987 Galleria, Istanbul, Turkey
1988 Houston, Texas
1992 Hakim Nezami Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1993 Neda Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1994 Second Exhibition of the Great Quran
1994 Manifestation of Feeling Exhibition, Niavaran Palace, Tehran, Iran
1995 Naghshe Jahan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1996 Trade Center Hall, Dubai
1996 Tamashagahe Zaman Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1997 Arasbaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2000 Heidelberg, Germany
2007 Borj Sefid, Tehran, Iran
2013 Eivan Sepid Gallery, Karaj, Iran
2014 Milad Tower Gallery, Tehran, Iran